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FAQ finishing

1、How for confirmation that they belong to which business classification and registration?

●   If you are unsure which category belongs to, you can select the relevant classification number to register; If there are objections, please call 010-85588352 button 1 for business consulting

2、How to deal with failure bidding phone number?

●   Tender dedicated phone numbers are subject to change, please consult the corresponding business contacts (home - Supplier Registration Hotline) application to modify the phone number

3、How to register multiple service providers classification?

●   Logged system supplier, click on the "news" announcement to register at the registration of other business categories ●   No supply-side sign-on system, the portal can log Wanda( ) or directly enter the URL( ), enter the "move mining platform" home page, click on the "Online Registration", select other business classification register

4、By automatically pre-makeup how supply-side data?

●   Can log in the system before the registration deadline, click on the "news" announcement at the registration to choose their own business classification submit registration data again

5、Supply side can repeat it to modify the registration data?

●   Before the registration deadline for the parties to modify the registration information may be repeated

6、Under providers have multiple accounts, the registration of the affect you?

●   Independently of each other, in order to submit the final registration of the data subject

7、The case of supply-side forgot the password how to log system

●   Login Wanda Portal( )or directly enter the URL( ),enter the "move mining platform" home page, click on "register online" and select other business classification register
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